Dunc earns All-Big West 1st Team Honors

Former MMFC standout Duncan Backus has earned All-Big West First Team Honors at NCAA D1 Powerhouse UC Santa Barbara.

“It comes as no surprise to me that Duncan has achieved this award”, said John Gall, Marcus Head Coach.  “What is incredible about this is that this kid has risen to a place where many though he would never get to”, added Gall.

Backus was a physically small freshman with bags of ability back in 2008 as the Marauders were winning Back-to-Back State Championships.

“I remember vividly the day he came into my office with tears in his eyes, stating that he was afraid he’d never make it as so many were writing him off because of his stature….but I knew from that day all he needed was someone to believe in him.  I never doubted his ability and I definitely never doubted his desire.  He was my JV2 captain and eventually grew (literally) into my Varsity captain.  He was a leader by example from day one and I cannot be prouder of where his path has ended.  What’s even more astonishing about Duncan is that he walked on at UC Santa Barbara and became the team captain….it’s just awesome and one of the most incredible scripts you’ll find”, beamed Gall.

Backus and his #17 ranked Gaucho team-mates secured the division title last week and have home field advantage as the enter the post season with a game on Nov 11 in the Big West Tournament Semi Final.

“It’s an honor to be recognized as one of the best players in the conference, and I’m proud of the progression I’ve made as a player from my freshman year trying to get on the field (at UCSB) to being the captain my junior and senior year.  I owe so much to the coaches here at UCSB and my previous coaches and I can’t thank them enough. All I’ve tried to do throughout my career is to take in all the information I can from my coaches, work hard, and stay committed to my dream of playing soccer at the highest level. Again, it’s nice to be recognized but as for now myself and the rest of the team are solely focused on winning the Big West Tournament and ultimately a National Championship”, commented Backus.

We wish Duncan and UCSB the best of luck as they challenge for a National Title.